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Technology and quality
fused with knowledge
and experience every day


Manufacturer of electronics and electronic equipment



We are a manufacturer and supplier of electronics, connection and internal wires. The company is comprised of experienced engineers and specialists who carry out projects for clients in the household appliance trade, as well as orders from other trades.

We also cooperate with technical universities, research institutes and application engineers of electronic element manufacturers and distributors. This allows us to continually develop and offer our clients the most efficient solutions.

highest quality

Our care for quality and the environment is confirmed by the implementation of norms: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which place particular emphasis on proper risk management and effectiveness of actions.

qualified staff

Experienced engineers whose knowledge and skills allow for efficient servicing of customers from various trades, including household appliances.

modern machine

Our machine park includes: an automated screen printer, automated pick'n'place machines, reflow soldering furnaces, soldering waves, as well as automated vision inspection, among others.

customer confidence

Our experience and quality have garnered the trust of our Clients, who entrust us with standard projects, as well as market novelties, which require an innovative approach.


Our offer in the area of electronics manufacturing

The company's goal is to provide clients with the best possible service and provide them with efficient solutions and products. We care for the high quality and competitiveness of our products, and our long-term trade experience allows us to offer attractive partnership terms and technological consulting on every stage of the order.

Comprehensive service

  • project analysis
  • prototype development
  • production implementation
  • THT, SMD, mixed technologies

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Cable bundles

  • individual projects
  • assembly tables
  • ending wires
  • quality testing

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Non-standard projects

  • unusual solutions
  • designs and documentation
  • prototypes and testing
  • assembly

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  • touchless control
  • innovative solutions
  • broad range of applications
  • programmable interface

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Supplier of electronics with a worldwide reach

We are a supplier of electronics for Clients operating around the globe. Our modules can be found in the highest quality products sold in Europe, the USA, as well as United Arab Emirates.

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Contact with us

Elektrozel Sp. z o.o
ul. Hoffmanowej 19
35-016 Rzeszów

tel.: 17 852 02 89
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