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Cable bundles

We always start the entire production process with documentation, which constitutes the basis for the pricing, as well as order execution. Depending on the client's needs - we prepare the documentation starting with an individual design, as well as based on models provided by the clients. During the entire process we offer consulting and suggest efficient technological solutions.

We manufacture specialized cable bundles the assembly of which is carried out on special assembly tables facilitate properly lying out the wires in accordance with the documentation.


Quality control

The end product which makes its way to the clients must be of the highest quality. For that reason, the manufacturing process of wire bundles is concluded with through control conducted by experienced specialists. Elements such as the correctness of electric connections, conformity with the documentation, completeness, and dielectric resistance are verified. At the client's request it is also possible to carry out other tests which ensure failure-free operation of devices in which the electrical wires prepared by us are installed.

We are positive that the cable bundles manufactured and assembled by us are of key importance to the products they are installed in, which is why we care for the quality of used materials and executed orders.