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The Client - always comes first

Elektrozel Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer and provider of electronics as well as connecting and internal wires, which has been established in 2010 by separating a department of the Zelmer company in charge handling the assembly of wires and electronics. The new company included experienced engineers whose knowledge and skills allowed for efficient handling of clients in the household appliance trade, and in time extended its services to other trades. In order to ensure continued development for the employees and company we work with technical universities and research institutions, as well as application engineers of electronic element producers and distributors.

Currently Elektrozel employs over 80 people and and is managed by Jan Stanisławczyk, President, supported by Zdzisław Fiedorek, Vice President managing the Logistics Department, Janusz Stec, Vice president in charge of Production, and Robert Widlak, Vice President who created and continues to develop the R&D department (which currently includes 6 people).

Clients are the driving force behind Elektrozel's actions. They are the reasons why, searching for the best solutions in terms of quality and timeliness of deliveries, we have developed a high level of independence which enables fluidity of production and assembly:

  • diversification of suppliers and a proper level of stock ensure the possibility of continued production, even in case of random events impacting external producers,
  • an in-house, experienced service as well as maintenance plans taking into consideration the workload of production lines, which ensure constant operation and avoidance of various downtime.

Our care for quality and the environment is confirmed by the implementation of norms: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 - which place particular emphasis on appropriate risk management and effectiveness of actions, as well as increased level of environment protection.


See what we do

Comprehensive production execution - standard and non-standard orders, from the design stage, through prototyping, production, detailed quality control and delivery of equipment to the Client. Project analysis and customer support at every level of execution. Emotion technology.


Join our team

We know that we owe the development of the company and satisfaction of our Clients to our employees.

We value them and care for their development. We continuously search for Individuals who will together with us create new projects and solutions, strengthening our team.

We ask all persons interested in working at Elektrozel to send their applications including the following clause: "I agree to the processing of my personal data contained in this application for the purposes necessary to conduct the current and future recruitment processes in accordance with the 29 August 1997 personal data protection act (Official Journal of 2002, No, 101, pos. 926, further amended)"

Job offers

Production quality management specialist 

Apply now

Please send your CV and cover letter in one of the following formats: pdf, doc,rtf, including the agreement for the processing of personal data for the needs of the recruitment process.

EU projects

European Union Projects


ELEKTROZEL Sp. z o.o. fulfils project refunded by European Union funds „Implementation of design strategy in Elektrozel Sp. z o.o.”

The goal of project is to extend company`s competitivness and numer of offered products to 2019 by implementing design strategy. Company is going to reach more detailed goals: increase internal importance of industrial design and marketing, quality improvement, b2b communication betterment and extending products portfolio by new gesture controls modules for home appliances. Predicted results: new products, brand reinforcement, extending clients portfolio, improvement of design processes, customer service quality and b2b relations. By achieve these goals, company will notice faster growth and incomes.

Total value : 3 072 540.00 PLN
EU Funds: 1 458 200.00 PLN



Fulfilling project
„Idustrial design improvement as a way to betterment Elektrozel LTD. competitvness”

ELEKTROZEL LTD. fulfils project refunded by European Union funds „„Idustrial design improvement as a way to betterment Elektrozel LTD. competitivness”. Project stages are industrial design audit and, based on it, strategy of designing and products progressing. The main goal is to use industrial design as a tool in intense company`s developing.
Detailed goals are: company`s current situation assessment and pointing out needed improvements, weaknesses elimination and competitivness reinforcement, furthermore extension of clients portfolio and financial betterment by implementing strategy.
Predicted result is choosing strategic actions which should be done to further company`s progress.

Total value: 58 917,00 PLN
EU Funds: 40 715,00 PLN