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Comprehensive service

Years of experience, the knowledge of people employed at Elektrozel, and properly selected technologies have resulted in the company being able to offer its clients comprehensive service, provide advice at every stage, and search for optimizations and solutions which will ensure the best expected results.


Production process stages

  • Design and documentation preparation - this stage engages mostly our designers and the R&D department. They thoroughly analyze the client's design and translated it into precisely specified production activities;
  • Prototype development - every product must be initially tested and perfected before going into production, to ensure that the manufactured parts are of proper quality;
  • Production implementation (contract assembly);
  • Quality control;
  • Delivery of the complete order to a determined location;
  • Settlement.

In terms of the assembly we offer:

  • Assembly of in-house built plates,
  • Contract Assembly (of third party plates).

Technologies and efficiency

We work with THT, SMD, and mixed technologies (our machine park includes an automated screen printer, pick 'n' place machines which ensure high speed and precision of positioning, reflow soldering furnaces, soldering waves, manual assembly lines, as well as an automatic vision inspection).

Currently, within a month, we are able to execute 250 000 electronic plates and 1 000 000 units of internal wires.

The smoothness of production and assembly is facilitated by internal servicing and maintenance plans, which ensure the maintenance of constant operation, while development plans and the newly built factory will significantly increase our production capabilities.

Even today the time needed to manufacture any given product is just 2 days.